IMP@CT- Enterprise Recourse Management:

for Micro Finance Institutions . which helps on effective management of different sources.

Enterprise IMP@CT:

Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) system is the system software for NGOs.


Imp@ct with Multi user Licensing Facility for Cost Effective Sharing Feature.

Micro IMP@CT:

Software helps in Micro credit management system, Finance System, and the Impact analysis system for NGOs.

Core IMP@CT:

This software helps in Finance management and Group management systems for NGOs.

Banker :

It is Software package for the NGOs involved in Village Banking.

Network Imp@ct:

It is Software tool for Donors to track performance of NGOs.


OTCO has launched the following products for Education Sector in school level. This School Management Software is useful for recording of systemic development of different students. it helps in recording their confidence level.

Insure Academy:

OTCO has launched the following product in Insurance Sector that is Web based Insurance Training Program for aspiring agents. They will inspire for promoting the insurance business by using their caliber.